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Today the homepage of almost every single online shop meets its customers with a steady parade of high-heels, even though statistics shows that high-heeled shoe sales have been dropping for years. Their height and significance have peaked at the start of the last decade and since then have retreated into the niche reserved for the fans of Cardi B and various reality TV stars. Nevertheless, the illusion that high-heels are the only true women's shoes has remained intact. Buyers support that illusion because they think that an average consumer still believes in it too. However, the department stores targeting a "typical consumer" with a certain level of income and a certain level of education seem to have missed the moment when retail has switched its focus to entertainment and experience - wide selection does not matter as much today, but the ability to choose something unique and personalized does. Andrey Abolenkin, famous fashion-expert and trend-analyst, shares his thoughts on "the new normal" in fashion and the recent trend for superfluity.

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