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Article by Yuna Zavelskaya, SHOES Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief

An interview with Aleksandra Sakaeva, Director of the International footwear and leather goods tradeshow SHOESSTAR, who organizes professional footwear exhibitions in Russian regions and neighboring countries, such as: SHOESSTAR-Urals (Yekaterinburg), SHOESSTAR-Far East (Khabarovsk), SHOESSTAR-Siberia (Novosibirsk), SHOESSTAR-Irkutsk, SHOESSTAR-Crimea (Simferopol), SHOESSTAR-Asia (Almaty, Kazakhstan), and recently launched International Fashion Exhibition FASHIONSTAR-Siberia (Novosibirsk), first clothing expo in the company’s portfolio. Our conversation has turned out to be so comprehensive that it might be used as a guidebook for every manufacturer of shoes, clothes, and accessories that plans on entering Russian market. Aleksandra talks about climatic differences among regions where SHOESSTAR expos take place, discusses particularities of local mentality and consumer demand, and dives into the specifics of filing all the right documents needed in order to bring one’s collection into Russia.

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